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Jewish Food is Our Tradition


You are what you eat! Jewish culture is all about food, but what Jews really eat? Every region made an impact in Jewish cuisine and versus vice, lots of recipes were adopted and lots were lost… We are seeking to preserve Jewish culinary heritage. #CookJewishBeJewish Summer Camp forAdults is all about FOOD and FUN! We will learn how to bake traditional Challah for Shabbat ( apple cake as a bonus), prepare excellent Litvak cholent, farshmak, and more. All participants will be hosted in a charming venue surrounded by ecologically clean woods and a lake with a private beach. Israeli kumzits experience with shishlik and hummus that we will make together. Who is bringing a guitar? Fishing and mushrooms gathering, boating, lake swimming, sauna, intellectual games, city tours, beer degustation music concerts are also included in the program and waiting for you to take part as a cook and as an eater! So if you want to explore Vilnius and the area and spend 4 days of Fun Join us! You are welcome to do #EatJewishBeJewish. Details regarding registration and payments below. 



The First International #CookJewishBeJewish summer camp is designated for Jewish adults and foodies who want to improve their knowledge in practise about Litvak, Galicianer and Israeli cuisine and explore Jewish Vilnius and its ecologically clean surroundings. Program is prepared for 40 participants + staff. They will explore, learn, develop and have together in the Jewish group of adults. It will be a perfect occasion nor only for education but also for integration, networking, new friendship in Jewish European community. This summer experience will build up their Jewish personal and social identities  in European context. They will bring this experience back their families and local Jewish communities. Kabbalat Shabbat and Havdala experience is included in the program. Also food provided during the camp will be kosher style so so every Jew from secular to orthodox will feel comfortable and inclusive.

11063751_836399013122369_6222620296004544525_nWe cooperate with various Jewish cultural institutions:

Cukunft Jewish Association and Jewish Cultural Club in Wroclaw (Poland), Jewish Information and Culture Center in Vilnius (Lithuania), Jewish Culture Festivals (Lithuania), Paideia Institute in Stockholm, (Sweden), The Foundation for Jewish Heritage (USA), ROI Community, Platforma Summit and Shusterman Foundation (Israel)

and we are open for more institutional and business partners in future like you.


Cook Jewish Be Jewish - EnglishThe goal of the Project is preserving Jewish historical and culinary heritage, building up and development of modern secular Jewish identity in Europe though informal adult education and bringing more Jewish spirit to Jewish homes via food and integration with other Jewish adults. Food defines the nation – Italians eats pasta, Japanese Sushi, Chinese Chinese food, and what does Jews eat? Cooking and eating Jewish food brings Jewish spirit to Jewish homes. It’s not only tasty, but also preserves the heritage and defines us as a nation with national food traditions. Not only on Matzo have we lived! Trust us farshmack is excellent chaser to vodka! Checked and loved for centuries! And do you know how to make it? Do you know the difference between the krepalech and greivalech? It used to be gibberish to us too, and now we even know how to make them.

MORE DETAILS: https://www.facebook.com/events/366248016903812/

REGISTRATION VIA EMAIL: Laurina Todesaite laurinatodes@gmail.com




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