Eco-To-Be Shvat for the Jewish New Year of Trees


Thanks to the generous support of Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation #MakeItHappen Grant we organized along with Cukunft Jewish Association an ecological event Eco-To-Be- Shvat, a belated celebration of the New Year of Trees – Tubi Shvat.

The event took place in the trendiest spot in Wroclaw city center, a famous Barbara Infopunkt Cafe, that was appointed the official office of Wroclaw – 2016 European Capitol of Culture. In program we prepared many entertaining ecological activities for children, youth and adults. Everyone found something interesting for him/herself.

For the event we planned many activities:

-ecological workshop led by artist and activist Dariusz Paczkowski and Klamra Foundation,
– designing ecological shopping bags with Jewish motives,
– flower arranging workshop with Irena Kokusz (ROIer 2006, Cukunft),
– lectures on ecology in Judaim delivered by Jan Kirschenbaum (HIA Fellow, Cukunft),
– promotion of 2016 Minority Calendar with Cukunft Jewish Association published by Marcin Czerwiński and a well-known Polish magazine – “Rita Baum,”
– ecological Israeli cuisine by Laurina Todesaite (ROIer 2013) and Israeli-Lithuanian Startup Eat&Travel,
– Traditional Tubi Shvat Seder in a progressive nutshell
– Israeli wine testing.

This event was organized thanks to generous support received from Charles and Lynn Schusterman Foundation and #MakeItHappen Tubi Shvat Micro Grant. 


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Event details:

Date: February 7, 2016 (Sunday) at 2 pm
Place: the trendiest place in Wroclaw nowadays, the European Capitol of Culture 2016 ESK Infopunkt-Barbara, Świdnicka 8b, Wroclaw, Poland

We received patronage from:

Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation
ROI Community
International Mitzvah Day
Humanity in Action
Socio-Cultural Jewish Association
Drugie Pokolenie Association
Children of the Holocaust Association
Tikkun Olam Jewish School
Szalom Alejchem Jewish School
Studia Bliskowschodnie Magazine
Rita Baum Magazine

We look forward to seeing you in Wroclaw!

Cukunft Tubi Shvat 2016


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