Exibition Zukunft:Cukunft in Marek Edelman Centre in Łódź


The exhibition Zukunft: Cukunft – Jews from Breslau, Jews from Wroclaw after a warm reception at the House of Europe in Wroclaw launched a real promotional tour across Poland. From 14 November to 29 December 2016 it may be seen at the Marek Edelman Dialogue Centre in Lodz ( Wojska Polskiego 83 Street). The opening of the exhibition in Lodz was accompanied by a speech of Aleksandra Wilczura on the idea of creating the Cukunft Jewish Association in Wroclaw and a lecture of Rebetzin Miriam Szychowska about the position of Women in Judaism.

The exhibition Zukunft: Cukunft – Jews from Breslau, Jews from Wroclaw consists of 13 rollupów divided thematically into three parts: the life of pre-war Jewish citizens of Breslau through the prism of memories of one of the Jewish inhabitants of Breslau – Stefan Steinberg, the second part is dedicated to the great citizens of Breslau/Wroclaw of Jewish origin who were strongly associated with the history of this city. The third part is the story on the modern secular Jewish life in Wrocław from the perspective of members of the Cukunft Jewish Association.

The ceremonial closing of the exhibition will take place in Lodz, on 29 December 2016 at. 18:00 during the celebration of Hanukkah – the Festival of Lights, when you will have an occassion to hear Aleksandra Wilczura and Jan Kirschenbaum’ lecture on Hannukah and see a performance of the Yankel Band.  If you are in Łódź on this day you cannot miss traditional Jewish sufganiot (donuts), latkes and dreidls (sevivonim).

More details about the Channukah Event:

Chanuka Cukunftu w Centrum Marka Edelmana

See you in Łodź!

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