III Fussbaliada 2019 – Kluczbork-Wroclaw, Poland


3rd place and bronze medals for the Hasmonea Wroclaw Jewish Team and Cukunft Jewish Association!!! The Fussbaliada 2019 – the Ernst Willimowski International Football Tournament for Children from National Minorities that took place in Kluczbork (Opolskie Region of Poland) was a fantastic experience for 250 kids aged 6-14 from 8 European countries (Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland Romania, Russia, Ukraine) and numerous national and religious minorities. It was the best of fun outdoor sports spirit of fair play ever.

See you next year – June 27-28, 2020!

We would like to thank all Organizers and Partners for their generous organizational and financial support. Special thanks go to Mr. Rafał Nocoń and the German Educational Society (Niemieckie Towarzystwo Oswiatowe) for support of the Cukunft Jewish Associations and all young athletes from minority communities in Europe, including – above all – children from the Polish Jewish communities who could take part in the Willimowski Tournament 2019 and play as Hasmonea Wroclaw.

It wouldn’t be possible without generous support of Cukunft’s strategic sponsors – the European Jewish Fund and the Moshe Kantor Foundation, JOODS – the Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund (JHF) and the ROI Community. For members of Cukunft Jewish Association this particular initiative of International Footbal Tournament for Children from Minority Groups is the best innovative way of counteracting anti-Semitism and all other forms of social exclusion based on age, gender, religion or national and ethnic origin.

Thank you – Dziekujemy – Toda Raba – A szejnem dank!
#Fussballiada 2019

FUSSBALIADA – ERNST WILLIMOWSKI INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT FOR CHILDREN FROM NATIONAL MINORITIES – the tournament with significant international successes has taken place since 2017 in Gogolin, Opole, Kluczbork (the Opolskie Voivodeship) and Wroclaw (Lower Silesian Voivodeship). The Fussbaliada‘s program includes both a sports tournament and integration classes combined with visiting local tourist attractions.

German Educational Society – Niemieckie Towarzystwo Oswiatowe
Cukunft Jewish Association

Rafał Nocoń (German Educational Society)
Phone: + 48 506 024205
Email: fussballiada@max-sports.pl
Website: http://willimowski.pl/portal/
Aleksandra Wilczura (Cukunft)
Tel. +48 88 66 55 421
Email: cukunft.wroclaw@gmail.com

European Jewish Fund and Moshe Kantor Foundation
Cukunft Jewish Association’s members
German Educational Society (Nimieckie Towarzystwo Oswiatowe)
JOODS-Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund (JHF)
ROI Community

Jewish Community in Wroclaw
Social and Cultural Association of Jews in Poland (TSKZ)
“Slowo Zydowskie- Dos Yiddishe Wort” Magazine

Ernest Otto Wilimowski was born on June 23, 1916 in Katowice, Upper Silesia, in the Prussian province of the German Empire. He started his football career in 1927 in the German club 1. FC Kattowitz. Górnoślązak Wilimowski played with great success in both the Polish and German national teams.
He started his football career at 1.FC Kattowitz, but he quickly moved to the Hajduki Wielkie Movement. Today, this club is known as Ruch Chorzów. Shortly after that he made his debut in the top division in Poland. A few weeks later, he was wearing an eagle shirt on his chest.
The debut in the national team is dated May 21, 1934. It was a match in Copenhagen against Denmark, it did not prove to be very successful, because the players of Józef Kałuża lost 4: 2.
One of the climaxes of his career were four goals, which he scored for the Polish team in the match against Brazil during the World Cup in June 1938. Because for a long period of his life he chose, and even had to choose, between Polish and German identity, none of these he could not please the nations. This often painful tear shaped his life. Today, such people – with “contorted” biographies – are the builders of many bridges of understanding.

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