Hasmonea Football Match with Hewlett-Packard Team


On Sunday (June 12, 2016)  between 10:00-11:00 Hasmonea played its first official football match with Hewlett-Packard Team 13407187_948827755234989_7762780987569611052_nin 2 x 25 minute long parts. The match was part of Football Tournament Against Rasism Conteodbył się a playing field of a Primary School no. 58 at Składowa 2/4 St. in Wroclaw.

This year, in addition to youth teams from Wroclaw gimnasium and high schools, will play corporation football teams, including Google, HP, IBM and, NGOs. Each 7-person team (6 in the field and 1 in reserve) over the next five months will conduct the meetings till the finals in October 2016.

After the Sunday match we had a fantastic Zenkova’s surprise for all brave players and fans. A Pin of the European Maccabi Federation for the best player in the match got Kewin.

Congrats! 😀 

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