Members / Volunteers


Trips - Jung un Jiddish 3If you was born, come from or live in Wrocław or in the Lower Silesia region, you are Jewish or one of your grandparents was and you are looking for the best of the best in Jewish tradition – join us! Our Cukunft various projects are tailored just for you:

  • Jewish Cultural Club,
  • Hasmonea Jewish Sports Club,
  • Tzedakah & Mitzvah Days,i
  • Gan Shalom Jewish Kindergarten and Jewish children activities,
  • Cukunft Hasmonea Shabbatons,
  • Cukunft Wandering Home-Made Shabbats,
  • Workshops & Coaching sessions,
  • Organizing concers, exhibitions and cultural events,
  • Hebrew, Yiddish and English classes,
  • Activities for seniors,
  • Activities for single parents,
  • Activities for young parents with children.
  1. Jewish Cultural Club is an open network of Jewish friends who create a portable Jewish Cultural Centre without the walls or boundaries. In our Jewsh Cultural Club – sky is the Limit, but this is the Jewish sky with many Stars of David above. It does not matter if you are orthodox, conservative, reform or Jewish atheist you are always more than welcome. More details:

In order to be a member of Cukunft Jewish Association you need to fill the application deliver it with all neccessary documents confirming your Jewish origin to the Cukunft, ul. Legnicka 65, 54-206 Wroclaw, Poland or contact via email:


Cukunft Jewish Association is always open for any volunteer help. If you want to become involved in secular Jewish community life, organize Jewish socio-cultural events or help members of the Jewish community in Poland or Lithuania then Cukunft is right for you.

When: Anytime in the year; From October until July for students; 2-3h per week or less.

Eligibility: From 15 to 101

Send us a message with your ideas what would you like to do with us to our office:, Cukunft Jewish Association, ul. Legnicka 65, 54-206 Wroclaw, Poland or contact us via email: