Mitzvah Day for 2nd Tzedakah Day in Wroclaw


Mitzva Day 365Winter is approaching rapidly, and our Jewish community in Poland has many members, who need help, not only financial but also clothes, cleaning utensils and food. This is why we decided as Cukunft Jewish Association in Wroclaw to join International Mitzvah Day and initiate a Jewish charity group by the name of Dzien Micwy dla 2 Dnia Cedaki / Mitzvah Day for 2nd Thzedakah Day in Wroclaw, through which members of our organizations and Jewish community will be able to support and help those less fortunate.

Check if you do nphoca_thumb_l_14-EDRS-Husaini Islamic Centre-013ot have extra books or cloths that you don’t use deep inside your shelf or closet! Instead of throwing them away you can support a noble Jewish cause. Nothing will be wasted. Every bit of your support is precious. Join us in Wrocław and Poland! May our May our Mitzvah Day be our shared Tzedakah, our shared Jewish Community Miracle!

On November 22, 2015 from 4 pm till 8 pm at Cukunft/TSKZ, Mennicza 1/3 Street in Wroclaw we organized together Wroclaw Mitzvah Day as a part of International Mitzvah Day Project along with JCC Krakow and JCC Warsaw. On that day we collected books for Wroclaw Public libraries and cloths for those in need, also Ukrainian and Syrian Refugees in our city. Members of Cukunft Jewish Association as wjell as the Jewish community made bookmarks that were distributed among library’s readers and baked delicious kosher cakes for sell during the event. All money collected during the Mitzvah Day were tzedakah for those in need.

Cedaka day in WroclawOn December 2, 2015 2nd Tzedakah Day – we gathered all volunteers and donors to thank them for their help and support. On that day we decided together who we will support with cloths and money we collected during Mitvah Day in Wroclaw.

CRMjK25WsAAtCdEWe as members of Cukunft Jewish Association, Jewish Cultural Club in Wroclaw (JCC Wroclaw) and Socio-Cultural Association of Jews in Poland (TSKZ) believe that all people want to help as much as they can, share what they have with those in need. Also love, optimism, and hugs for free 🙂 Since we supported non-Jewish organizations for years as individuals we decided to organize in Wroclaw a platform phoca_thumb_l_17-EDRS-Husaini Islamic Centre-016where Polish Jews could support other Polish Jews, Poles, Ukrainian and Syrian Refugees in our city. Because as Talmud says – we, all Jews are responsible for each others. We are ready to undertake this responsibility. This is our Jewish Social Justice.


girl MD Posters 2015

boy MD Posters 2015


– volunteers to work during the project

– volunteers to bake/cook delicacies for Mitzvah Day in Wroclaw

– voluntees to collect books/cloths from those who cannot bring them on their own

– volunteers who will take care about nice music during the event

– financial support

– service support

– dry food with long expiry date

– coffee, tea, sugar, plastic/paper dishes, plastic cutlery


International Mitzvah Day

Wrocław Wita Uchodźców


JCC Kraków

JCC Warsaw

Join us in Wroclaw! Every help matters!



Stowarzyszenie Zydowskie Cukunft

ul. Legnicka 65, 54-206 Wroclaw, Poland

PL51 1090 2398 0000 0001 3113 5292



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